July 24 2016

Greetings Everyone!

Greetings Everyone!
Welcome back to the heat of Ann Arbor Art Fair. There is so much to see downtown during the fair. However, if the steam is getting to you, come on in and create your own piece of art to wear or display! We will be around all weekend to play with you.

July 30 & 31 is Open Beading ~ all weekend. Come in with your unfinished objects and become re-inspired.

Next Bead-a-thon ~ Sunday August 21st

Come in and visit our
Imagination Station!

We have a variety of fun, funky metals and findings to inspire your imagination. There are some great items to use in a multitude of beading and/or embroidery projects. My project (the open minded creature, above) started with the ring that became her head as I began beading around the ring. She slowly morphed into her current state. What fun!

Current Specials



All Loose natural stone strands
20% off
through July 31
(excludes consignment strands)

What’s New

Hot off the truck 

       More Imagination components hit the table!


July~ Stone of the Month

Fossil Coral
Fossil Coral is naturally formed from the remains of prehistoric coral.Silica-rich waters cause hardened deposits that preserve the coral skeletons in chalk-white, tan, gray, brown along with peachy pinks, rusty reds and mellow yellow-orange tones.
Metaphysically, is tied to grounding and inner peace, facilitating change, and connecting to past life memories. It's also thought to improve the body's circulation and promote healing in the eyes, skin, and stomach.
Mohs Hardness: 6.5-7 Origin: Indonesia, USA
July Birthstone:
Ruby or Carnelian
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