April 5, 2016

Greetings Everyone!


Findings will be open every day until Mothers Day ~ May 8.
We have lots of new items in stock, including a new shipment of Tulip needles and awls.
Beginning Tuesday, May 10 I will be teaching basic beading techniques, beginning with even count flat peyote. Peyote is a very versatile stitch, used in many seed bead projects. Techniques learned in these classes will also give you the experience required to attend more advanced classes. My hope is to meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month so you can build on your basic skills.
We once again re-scheduled Boogie Woogie for Saturday May 7 & 14 from 1~3. We also have kits available for this project in the color-way shown on class schedule.
Sunday Bead-a-thon is May 15th from noon to 4.

Current Specials

 Size 15/0 seed beads
20% off
through April 30th

April ~ Stone of the Month

Polychrome Jasper
 Is named for its multiple colors and vibrant landscape patterns that form throughout the rock. Polychrome was discovered in the deserts of Madagascar in 2006 and is only available in small deposits. This opaque, multi-colored chalcedony develops in large formations and is believed to be one the rarest on the planet.
Metaphysically, Polychrome Jasper offers stability, balance and is grounding. AKA ~ Desert Jasper, Royal Savannah Jasper. Hardness: 7         Origin: Madagascar
April Birthstone: Diamond or Quartz Crystal