March 2016

Greetings Everyone!

 It feels like Spring is here and I am enjoying every minute of it even if it is a teaser. We have a strong list of classes and there are still a few spots left in many of them.

For those of you hoping to complete some of those UFOs, you might want to come to one of our Sunday events and re-ignite your desire to wear those objects.
Our fine quality, faceted gemstone strands are 20% off Through March 13. 
We continue to add to our Clearance Cabana and Orphan Bead Section with discontinued, one-of-a-kind and reduced items.

Cynthia Sunday is next Sunday the 13th from noon to 4.
Sunday Bead-a-thon is March 20th from noon to 4.

Current Specials

Fine Quality Gemstone strands ~ 20% off

March ~ Stone of the Month


Blue Crazy Lace Agate
is a color enhanced crazy lace agate. In its natural form, Crazy Lace Agate is white & opaque with swirling patterns. Color enhancing is common among agates to emphasize the beautiful patterns and to make them fashionably relevant. 
Metaphysically, this agate is said tohelp one remain focused and is emotionally protective.
March Birthstone: Aquamarine